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Incorporated in 2004, Worldex India is headquartered in Mumbai with a branch office in New Delhi. With over 18 years of global experience, we specialise in bridging the gap between suppliers and buyers by connecting them through our trade initiatives. We connect the world to markets in South Asia through our fairs in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Similarly we take entrepreneurs and SME’s from India to other international markets to explore business opportunities.

We provide premium standards of service and solutions as show organisers and trade promoters. We successfully organise and represent international trade show organisers in India, East Asia, Southeast Asia and European markets with the support of leading Government Agencies, Chambers of Commerce and Trade Associations.

Our strength lies in connecting organisations and entrepreneurs who wish to expand their business internationally in new, emerging and developed markets. We facilitate expansion of international trade networks by adopting best business practices and building engaging trade platforms.

We are known to be innovative and agile, responding swiftly to our clients’ needs and fashioning solutions aligned to create opportunities for our stakeholders.

Our success in this domain is the result of our relationship-based attitude built on trust and transparency. In a fast-changing world, we provide relevant knowledge, insightful advice and trade platforms to enable one to expand their business.

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